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Supply Chain Management

A solution Service from BGR Logistics that makes it easy for customers to focus on their business only, while upstream matters, related to material procurement, delivery processes to manufacturing and distribution to retail on the downstream side are part of BGR Logstices in carrying out this suplly chain management (SCM),  In order for this SCM to run smoothly, BGR Logistics complement it with a forecasting system using modeling of various procurement scenarios to get the most cost efficient.

BGR Logistics is very focused on the development of food security SCM, where at this time we have development the "Mitra Warung Pangan" and MauBeli application is useful for connecting suppliers or producers of household needs with stalls located around the household.

SCM development is also guided by halal logistics standards in order to better meet the demands of Indonesian consumers. SCM has also been applied to several BUMN projects such as the procurement of sand for railroads projects, generators.