With the Vision of PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa (Persero), which is to "Become a Logistics Company That Provides Solutions, Reliable and Leading", with its Mission to "Organize logistic services with IT systems that are reliable, adaptable & user friendly, increase company value through networks, modern infrastructure and relevant business diversification, fostering employee welfare through productivity and creating solution service logistics to establish partnerships, it is very important for companies to uphold values ​​and ethics in carrying out their business so that the principles of Good Corporate Governance can be upheld (Good Corporate Governance )

In line with that, PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa (Persero) as a BUMN always tries to improve itself from year to year by improving the Company's values ​​by implementing GCG principles that refer to Ministerial Regulation Number: PER-01 / MBU / 2011 concerning the application of Good Corporate Governance to State-Owned Enterprises and the Laws and Regulations relating to the management of the Company.

In addition, PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa (Persero) also issued Joint Decree of Commissioners and Directors No. 02 / DEKOM.BGR / VII.2017: No. 069 / KD / DUT / VII.2017 Regarding Good Corporate Governance Guidelines which aim to improve competitiveness and encourage the growth of the Company based on high moral values.

The company has made several internal rules updates which are the crystallization of GCG principles, Vision & Mission and GCG best practices, namely:

  • Corporate Values
  • Code of conduct
  • Collective Labor Agreement (PKB)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Guidelines for Handling Gratification, which regulates the Handling of Giving and Receiving Gifts and reporting mechanisms
  • Guidelines for the whistleblowing system at the company
  • Manual Board
  • The benefits to be achieved by the Company by implementing GCG include:

Maximizing the value of the company by improving the principles of openness, accountability, trustworthiness, responsibility, and fairness so that the company has strong competitiveness, both nationally and internationally

Encourage company management to be professional, transparent and efficient, and increase independence.

Encouraging management in making decisions and carrying out actions based on high moral values ​​and compliance with applicable laws and regulations and awareness of the existence of social responsibility towards stakeholders and environmental sustainability around the company

Increase the company's contribution to the national economy.

Updating the internal rules and benefits that the Company wants to achieve by implementing GCG consistently is expected to increase the value of the company.


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Guidelines for Handling Gratification

Audit Committee Charter

Share ownership of directors and commissioners

Management Procedures and Information Disclosure

BGR Employee Integrity Pact

Guidelines for Whistle Blowing

Guidelines for Procurement of Goods & Services

LHKPN Guidelines

Conflict of Interest

Behavioral guidelines

Board Manual

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